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Specialists in Passivhaus

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Passivhouse Consultancy

Established 2020

Phi Architects offer Passivhaus Consultancy in addition to architectural services.

Our approach to meeting Manchester City Council’s 2038 zero carbon target is through a ‘Fabric First’ approach to design and construction.

Phi Architects

Established 2011

Phi Architects reflects their design philosophy with ‘smart’ architecture, sustainable and environmentally responsible design, combined with the application of Phi Φ, the golden section, to create beautiful proportions in design. Phi Architects is committed to cost efficient design and construction culminating in highly energy efficient solutions.

Latest News

Passivhaus submitted for planning

Phi Architects recently submitted a planning application for a private client in West Yorkshire. The replacement dwelling is designed to the Passivhaus low energy standard. The house will be constructed in timber frame, with super insulation and triple glazed windows; the project contains a small...

Jeremy Poulter Architects merge with Phi Architects

We are delighted to announce that Jeremy Poulter Architects have joined up with Phi Architects to focus on delivering Passivhaus as a benchmark for construction. Jeremy is a Passivhaus Designer and Architect and brings further expertise to the practice, which can offer clients a route to meeting...

Passivhaus Consultancy

Phi Architects offers Passivhaus Consultancy in addition to architectural services